About Us
Vassiliou-Trofinko SA Frozen Foods

In the framework of European standards, we evaluate our suppliers for reliability and are committed to carrying out product checks to ensure the safety, taste and flavour of the food that reaches your table.

That’s the way we’ve done things ever since we started out in 1964 – though much else has changed as our company has expanded dynamically to meet the growing demands of the modern market and the nutritional expectations of our customers.

Our vision

Our planned vision involves the provision of specialist services and frozen food with high standards and top quality, always adhering to certified standards of hygiene and respecting the environment. In the modern world it is important to seek constant improvement. We do this by keeping up with the latest developments and embracing progress, since the ability to adapt is fundamental to our success.


Our philosophy is based on our absolute dedication to quality, our professionalism and our constant efforts to improve. Our team and the goals we set for it are part of our culture, and using advanced storage and quality management systems, we seek the best merchandise in the world and offer it not only to every Greek family but internationally.